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Player character does unnecessary first aid animation when leaving map screen.
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In any adjusted standing stance this occurs when pressing M to leave map screen, the player character performs a first aid animation even when it is not wounded.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go into an adjusted standing stance (CTRL+W/S/A/D) with rifle in hand.
  2. Open the map, then close it again.
  3. Watch the character perform a healing animation.

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i had same problem, but in MP on server with domination. Domination is VERY buggy atm, like "screaming for medic" sound bug etc, try that in editor - I didn't tried it yet, becouse i am lazy :P :D

tarciop added a subscriber: tarciop.May 7 2016, 2:25 PM

Not random.
At least in SP, you can always reproduce the issue by opening and closing map while standing up in one of the following adjusted stances:
low stand, high stand, step-lean left, step-lean right.

Already brought up in #7717

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 2:25 PM

Reviewed and reproduced reliably in latest dev build, though I was only able to reproduce it in adjusted standing stances.

Title, description and repro steps amended to reflect that.

If anyone can reproduce it reliably in any other stance, please post a comment.

Upon closer inspection, this turns out to be a duplicate of #7717.

Transferring repro steps etc. there, since it is already assigned to a dev.