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Damage of LAW
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When law rocket is fired against enemy AI and AI lies down on ground,sometimes it does not do any damage even if rocket hits the ground 1 meter from enemy.


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Place multiple AI soldiers in random circle on some hill, make them to lie down and try to fire rockets from different angles using rocket laucher.

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Also anti-material weapons are underpowered against vehicles and especially helicopters.

AI heli can stand 20-30 shots from anti material rifle and will fly without any issues.

Vehicles are like a tanks too - only wheels can be destroyed with 1-2 accurate shots.

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Well, still law should kill everything in close range from impact.

So what you lie down 1-2m from rocket impact you cant be harmed?

Depends..It's all about the shaped charge and how it's designed. If it was a HE or thermobaric you wouldn't survive if it hit a few metres away. A proper AT Weapon, it is possible, but not likely. You would still be hurt and you would be deaf as a post, but it might not kill you.

Shaped charges are very focused, I wouldn't recommend standing next to one if it went off, but there is a chance it won't kill you. But that doesn't mean you wouldn't need medical attention.

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