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FireTeam Leader should be able to Give command
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For a standard "squad" Group in game, there are two FireTeam Leader. But they actually have no control for their Team. Player as a Team Leader may sometimes lead their team in front, but when engaging, AI team member doesn't seems even follow thier Team leader all the time. And all engage\move order are directly from Squad(or to say Group for the game) leader.


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Set a standard squad group, play as TeamLeader, and try something like flank enemy. AI team member doesn't seems even follow you all the time.

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Just add some (not need to be full) command for TeamLeader would be better.
and check this:
BIS certainly know how a squad works,and what's the difference between Squad an FireTeam, please make it for ArmA3

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Duplicate of 0004227 []
Still very important IMO. The current way to assign teams is clumsy and AI doesn't make use of fireteams.

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