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Game has a big map, very spectacular, I heard later there is more maps. Larger map, the computer will more cards in a single player game can be adjusted VISIBILITY, but in the multiplayer game, VISIBILITY seems forced high, so the computer very card, this may be because large map balancing needs. It is recommended to add some maps to match the game different configuration of the computer, the computer card multiplayer mode is mainly to solve the problems.

Large map: high configuration computer AA3 Featured Games Large Map (single and multiplayer)
Map: AA3 features high configuration computer games big map (single and multiplayer)
In Maps: Map is configured similar to Battlefield PC 64/32 Map size (single and multiplayer)
Small map: low-profile computer small map similar COD maps or Battlefield 16 Map (single and multiplayer)
Mini-map: low-profile computer map small map similar to CS (single and multiplayer)

Depending on the circumstances there are different modes and weapons map different parameters, such as a missile range in the large map is 5KM, but in the small map can be set only 300 meters range, the same as Battlefield.

If your computer is great, you can choose oversized and large maps that real complex and abundant sea and air vehicles. If your computer configuration is low, you can choose small maps, which is very simple very small, will make your computer run smoothly.

About Maps problem, aa3 should be backward compatible and includes, for example, Battlefield and Counter Strike. Battlefield has many guns and many vehicles,CS only have gun, BF has large maps and small map, CS only have small map,so the field will contain the CS. If AA3 has these maps, you can play COD CS mode at aa3's small map, you can play Battlefield mode at aa3's medium map, you can paly aa3 mode at the aa3's big map.

There is a large map of embarrassment and balance, because balance game default multiplayer map forced the farthest distance display, such as your computer is not good, open 500 meters distance, but against the computer than hello, opened the 2 km distance, and then when the opponent attacks on 1 kilometers, so as not to balance, so the official set all 10 kilometers, balance. But the computer if not, will be very lag.

Increase the variety of maps, then you can choose the map according to the computer case, may be able to solve this problem.


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Way beyond the scope of what is possible in Arma3 and thus beyond the scope of this tracker. There is no way to "configure" maps to make them smaller, not to mention that this would fracture the community based on their hardware.

Arma3 will also not be able to support maps from other games.