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Inconsistent mouse zoom (Not always possible to hold zoom/focus)
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The zooming controls in Arma are pretty nice and simple: Click 2nd mouse to toggle optics and hold 2nd mouse to zoom/focus. But when it comes to vehicles, and a few special cases like sniper rifles, the zoom options are inconsistent and not always very intuitive. This can make gameplay confusing for new players and might make the game seem more complex than it really is.

For example; when using a regular rifle I can always zoom/focus with 2nd mouse button even when Im looking through the scope. This is not the case with the sniper rifle, here I have to press "+" in order to zoom. The "+" is a permament zoom, but I would like the 2nd mouse hold to be a temporary zoom like it is for other rifles.

We can find the same inconsistency in almost all vehicles. As a gunner you can go to optics by pressing 2nd mouse button but you can not zoom by holding it (for that you have to use the permament "+" command). I just tested this with the "Speedboat minigun" and it applies to both the gunner and the commander. Furthermore, it is not possible to zoom/focus when piloting a helicopter or driving a car. This again seems weird as the "eye focus" should be avalible to drivers as well as infantry.

Proposed fix: If the "+" zoom command is avalible to the player in a situation then the "2nd mouse hold" command should also always be an option to achieve the same effect (except temporary). The player should also be able to focus zoom even when sitting in/driving vehicles. This will make gameplay more consistent and intuitive.


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