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Night Vision Binocular/Rangefinder
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Future soldiers have pretty old binoculars.I think they need better model for it and extra functions.Digital binocular with Night Vision and changeble zoom will be better.Rangefinder also doesn't have Nigth Vision.

Also suggest for thermal-image binoculars/monocular.IRL US army have thermal monocular in SOPMOD Block2.

Of course - binocular is an attribute of squad/team leader,rangefinder - spotter or squad leader,and thermal image device - much more SF device,that regular army.

About binocular - something like this...


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The rangefinder dose have a night vision mode. (Uses the same key as you use to turn NV goggles on/off), in fact it does all the things you want (binocular with night vision mode, variable zoom, with digital azimuth and range indication), the only thing it doesn’t do is thermal imaging.

As for old style binoculars, there is nothing wrong with that, super reliable proven technology that cheap, little changed for many years and has a long service life that will still be around many many years from now.

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I agree with b101uk.

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As has been pointed out, the existing rangefinder already does most of what you want.

There will also be a lot more content in the final game, and there are certainly some FLIR toys in the pipeline.