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Duping\Disappearing\Unaccessible items in inventory (5 reproducible bugs in 1 ticket)
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This ticket is collection of fully reproducible inventory bugs, all 5 bugs can be reproduced in attached mission with two players, make sure you repeat everything in exact order as described in Steps to Reproduce. Another thing that we noticed is that dragging item and right clicking on it sometimes gives different results even though both actions supposed to act the same, so make sure you try both in case something doesn't work. {F19671}


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Steps To Reproduce
    • BUG # 1: Unable to take weapons from non-local containers
  1. Player 2 (Client) drops their primary weapon on the ground
  2. Player 1 (Host) puts their rifle into Offroad inventory
  3. Player 2 tries to take rifle from Offroad into hands and it doesn't work

Interestingly, Player 2 will be able to take weapon if he puts it into their backpack instead of hands

    • BUG # 2: Unable to take backpacks from non-local containers
  1. Player 2 (Client) drops their backpack on the ground
  2. Player 1 (Host) puts their backpack into Offroad inventory
  3. Player 2 tries to take backpack from Offroad and it doesn't work
    • BUG # 3: Uniforms and Vests share same container
  1. Player 1 (Host) puts uniform into Offroad
  2. Player 2 (Client) puts uniform into Offroad
  3. Player 1 takes uniform back (and wears it)
  4. Player 2 gets on Offroad driver, exits it (to make Offroad local and be able to take stuff from offroad)
  5. Player 2 takes second uniform back (and wears it)
  6. Both players should observe contents of their uniforms
  7. Either player should drop on ground something from their uniform
  8. Other player will observe that item was removed for him as well as for player who actually dropped it showing that both players wear uniform that share same contents container

Exactly same bug happens with vests, you can repeat these steps with vest instead of uniform and both players will wear vests that share same container

    • BUG # 4: Magazine not being removed for other clients if some player loads it directly into their gun
  1. Player 2 (Client) unloads magazine from their weapon and drops it on the ground
  2. Player 1 (Host) opens Offroad inventory
  3. Player 1 moves magazine from uniform into Offroad inventory
  4. Player 1 closes Offroad inventory
  5. Player 2 opens Offroad inventory and moves magazine into their weapon magazine slot to load it
  6. Player 1 opens Offroad inventory and sees that magazine is still there while Player 2 has it loaded in their weapon
    • BUG # 5: Duping of any items\magazines\weapons\uniforms\vests\backpacks
  1. Player 2 (Client) opens Offroad inventory
  2. Player 1 (Host) opens Offroad inventory after Player 2 (order matters)
  3. From this point, Player 1 can dupe anything in any amounts they want.

a) To dupe magazines and items player simply has to drag them into Offroad inventory and they should appear in Offroad and remain in player
b) To dupe weapons and uniform\vest\backpack player has to put it info Offroad and them drag it on the Ground tab, weapon\gear will duplicate
Additionally duped NVGs will appear with no icon for Player 2, bug is related to
Also if you try to put duped magazines and items into player inventory they will just disappear (if vehicle changes localty these objects become normal and you can take and use them)
Another note is that duping backpack causes it to unload all contents into Offroad. Also I suspect that duped uniforms\vests share same container just like described in BUG # 3

Additional Information
  • BUG # 5: Duping of any items\magazines\weapons\uniforms\vests\backpacks

on video:

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thanks for taking the time for this, as it has also been annoying me for a long time :)

Zeloran added a subscriber: Zeloran.May 7 2016, 2:21 PM

Splendid work. We will certainly look into this. Thank you for your feedback.

To report progress:

BUG # 2, BUG # 3 and BUG # 5 is fixed.

One and four are reported and will be fixed as soon as possible.

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 2:21 PM

Great job fixing these problems, thanks a lot, Zeloran!

A bit of offtopic about inners of the game: Do uniforms and vests have same kind of containers as backpacks do (actual vehicles that hold stuff? It seems that "Supply10", "Supply20" might be actual vehicles somewhere) or it is hardcoded somehow differently? I was going to suggest to introduce scripting commands to get these supply "vehicles" that uniforms and vests use as containers for stuff so we can use addWeaponCargoGlobal, clearWeaponCargoGlobal and similar commands on them but I'm not sure if its possible to have these supply "vehicles" stored as vehicles in variables at all. Thanks.


Uniforms and vests are not vehicles as backpacks and weaponholders are, unfortunately. Thus you cannot add easily weapons and magazines to vests and uniforms by a script. Vests are considered as weapons by engine (i.e. in cfgWeapons config), uniforms are a little bit different type, but their config is also in cfgWeapons, from the perspective of a container.

They contain Supply#NUM in iteminfo, that is reference to a weaponholder (vehicle) with capacity #NUM (it has scope 1 - private and you can find it in cfgVehicles). This weaponholder is empty and gets filled up by items specified in definitions of unit loadout (params magazines[],weapons[],items[], etc) on start of the mission by engine.

Configurability of vests in the same way as any weaponholder would require rewriting the current code (more so if we wanted also uniforms to be dealt with addMagazineCargo - commands) and it is unlikely to happen at this stage of the game development.

I dont see any easy workaround how to define currently a content of a vest without having that vest worn by some unit.

Thanks for interesting in depth answer, looking forward to have inventory bugs fixed.

More duping\inventory bugs on the way, should I create new ticket or expand this one?

Resolved according to reporter.

Mass closing resolved issues not updated since November.