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Interactive doors.
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Have the ability to lock doors from the inside of a building. Ability to carry a "lockpick" item to stealthily breach locked doors. Ability to carry "tactical door wedges" to counter lockpicks. Ability to breach wedged doors using explosives.

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Will make AI problems and won't be much usable in Singleplayer at all. Maybe as a module for a multiplayer only.

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Place an invisible cube infront of the AI so when the cube collides with the door it can read the selected door's state "open", "closed", "locked", "wedged(blue)", "wedged(red)", etc so the AI can take the appropriate action. If the wedge is the same as it's team, have the AI look for an alternative entrance or move on. If it's wedged by other team then have it breach the door.
If the door is locked have it pick the lock then relock the door after it's squad has entered the building. As for AI setting the door states in single player or coop the doors could be preset or AI could be scripted to use locks/wedges at certain waypoints.

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Duplicate of multiple tickets. Please search before posting.