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A lot of problems with the multiplayer
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It doesn't matter how I tried to join a multiplayer game, I can't join.

If I am trying to be a host my friends get stuck at the select army and unit menu and It show them that the next message "Waiting for host".

If one of them is the host I get stuck at the map before the mission and nothing happened, It just stuck in the map/

If I am trying to join into a multiplayer mission (on server), I see nothing at the menus and if I click OK the game start downloading the map and then it stuck on "Receiving DATA".

I have the next mods that I install with play with six



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NO, I don't use dev Version.
If there is any need I will upload screenshots.

And sorry about my bad english

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Please try to reproduce this bug without any mods. If this issue is caused by mod, then must be fixed by author of that mod. We can help you only with bugs in the vanilla game (=no mods). Thanks

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I try with out mods and this and the game still don't working

Are you trying to host/join internet or LAN game? If it's an internet game, it could be an issue with NAT tunneling. Are you able to join any other game?

On the Internet. In the Last weeks (after I turn off the firewall when I start play ARMA like you tell me to on IDEA-GAMES-RT #52499) I joined succsesfuly only 2 games and in all the other times it's on on next:
Or any one on the top of the feedback or the games start and I see part of the map and I need to click restart and then there is only black sceen and I need to disconnect from the server.

Problem solved. I changed router