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Nolonger be able to run while aimming down
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Although I do have reported that I don't want to automatic switch to run when openning the sight(8299), It's better to keep the ability of manually switch to run( with the "C" key) while aimming down with a Iron\Dot sight.
It's faster than use RMB to switch aim down and running, looks more realistic as a low-ready position and for a HeadTrack user, it's not bad for SA.
In the latest DEV 0.59.105814, I find that the fix for issue 8299 is just totaly unabled the ability to run while aimming down. While the reloading can still take place when aimming down,why not the running.


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Aim down a Iron\Dot sight, move forward, The "C" key now inhibited.

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I treat the movment of "running while aimming down" as a forwaring "low-ready" stance, while I still looking forward to have a static low-ready as issue 6181

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yes it is really sad i liked that feature it made the game so more fluid and smooth plus the fact that you could get ready sooner with out the small delay after pressing right mouse button.

Upvote :)

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With BETA's dynamic fire range, I feel more need on this one,so please maybe just give us a try?

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