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Player should fall to the ground when hit criticaly (but not be locked into it)
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As it is now, when critically hurt, the player will be forced to walk as opposed to crawl like in previous Arma games. This is very good as you still get that feeling of being very hurt, but you are not that stuck anymore.

The problem is that when the player get critically hurt he will not fall down anymore. This is both less immersive and very dangerous as you are often stuck walking and will die before being able to do anything.

So when taking a bullet the player should fall to the ground imo as it was in previous Arma titles(this is a very immersive experience), but he should also be able to stand up and walk like he can now in Arma 3.

The key difference here is that he actually falls when being hit, otherwise the system is perfect as it is now (although seperate walking animation for being hurt would be awsome :D but im not counting on it as I know this is a lot of work)


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-Player should fall when badly hurt by a bullet instead of just going into walk mode

  • Player should still be able to rise up later and walk in a standing position if he so choose

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This would be a good idea in certain situations. It would add many variables and possibilities.Imagine shooting someone and them falling, only to realize you hit the plate carrier and they're about to maim you.

Yes the fact that you (in multiplayer and maybe even SP if this applies to AI) can never be sure if you just wounded a guy or killed him should add some nice extra tension. You may see him fall after a shot but you must dobble check to see if he is really dead

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More wound effect would be nice. Many people who get shot will fall down, stumble, etc, even sometimes if they are not actually wounded. I suppose just from the shock of it.

It would be nice to shoot an enemy, and he stumbles or falls down, but then he quickly scrambles to his feet and runs for cover. It would also add much tension to the game for both sides.

No guaranteed "knock outs", though, perhaps sometimes.

Yes, having the knockdowns random (ie not every time) and maybe also dependent on bullet caliber would be a great idea

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@GepardenK I'd prefer it not to be "random" as such, just based upon the type of weapon... for example

Sidearms should rarely knock you down
Rifles should knock you down pretty reliably (50%-75% of the time)
Heavy weapons, vehicle mounted weapons, and anti-tank weapons should always knock you down if it doesn't kill you outright

Honestly I liked the function of not being able to stand in A2/OA as it generally forced you to find a medic, ambulance, or some sort of safe place until your squad's medic or backup arrives.

keep in mind that the devs said the injury system is not fully complete yet. they are still working on it.

I very much agree with that system. AT feels very weak now against infantry, but this would change I think if it knocked you down also

But I feel the not being stand thing is simply not needed. The walk only thing we have in arma 3 have exactly the same effect as you are pretty much dead without a medic, its not like you are getting anywere. The only difference is that it feels less arbitrary and forced upon the player

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