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No Jumping
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The inability to jump really annoys a lot of people who would otherwise play the ArmA series. In fact, the inability to jump is enough of a reason for them not to play. They state that since it is a simulation game, you should be able to jump since in RL you can jump.


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try jumping

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I could see your point but honestly in the real world, in combat we very rarely jump. We climb over stuff often but jumping? Almost never. If you have to jump your almost entirely exposed and defenseless. I can only remember jumping while in combat or on patrol one time and it was cause i needed to be on a different roof than the one i was on. and it was more of a jogging hop that a full blow jump because the gap was like 3 feet. A child could have hopped that. The vault feature serves its purpose and handles most issues of getting over obstacles.

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Yeah, that's the thing. We need it for getting from one roof to another.

Arma tries to be realistic. Even though in reallity we can jump (not very far or high though, much less than other games) the problem is that if everyone was jumping around in multiplayer then the game wouldnt be realistic at all, as that is not how real combat looks. So even if jumping is realistic, putting it in the game will make unrealistic battles as players will alwys jump around if they have the option.

Furthermore, there is no reason why we would need a jump in Arma, it serves no practical purpose

I would prefer climbing, but honestly I'm pretty sure someone else has raised a ticket...

Soldiers do climb around alot...It would be great if a Team mate could help you out lifting you to the next floor or to the roof a single storey dwelling.

Pretty sure this is a duplicate issue however.

Yes climbing would be nice but im pretty sure it would be both hard and expesive to include it in a good looking way :( Imagine if we could also climb up stuff like cliffs and rocks - you would hold down the sapcebar or something and the character would seamlessly climb through whatever enviorment he was in using his hands instead of holding his gun up. You could even use this to move faster up a steep hill by using your hands aswell as your feet.

But Im just dreaming now, that one is reserved for arma 5

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I´d just roll with a bunnyhop or other mechanism to make vaulting something more natural, not animation locked.

And don't tell me soldiers can´t vault over fences when running because that can be done in real life.In the game, It has been done by modders. In I44 for Arma 2 you had a slide and a bunnyhop command when sprinting(x and v respectively)... and it gave a ton of mobility!!

well, like i said, this is coming from guys who wont play ArmA. But I can see their point. What would most likely work would be something like the jump/vault in BF3 where you handplant vault over objects. Also, to prevent the bunny hop problem, you could make it so that the jumping would only happen if you were clearing a gap like off a roof or diving off a cliff into the water etc.

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"the inability to jump is enough of a reason for them not to play"
good, we're not in a hurry to encounter call of duty like bunny hoppers on the armaverse
plus I doubt a soldier with all his equipment can really jump much

"in RL you can jump."

In real life there are all kind of weapons like cross bows, bows and arrows, RPG against infantry, dual wielding guns and tomahawks, does that mean we should add them to the game? "step over" works flawlessly, there is no need to "jump" just so you can imagine you are doing parkour

"In real life there are all kind of weapons like cross bows, bows and arrows, RPG against infantry, dual wielding guns and tomahawks, does that mean we should add them to the game? "step over" works flawlessly, there is no need to "jump" just so you can imagine you are doing parkour "

Why do keep assuming I am the one who wants this? I am fine with the way it is. I just want my friends to play and they will not unless they can jump. Stupid i know. And "step over" does not work flawlessly. Since when do you stop, then step over a low wall or fence when running? NEVER. I effin vaulted over low walls and fences in BCT and AIT and beyond. The only thing you stopped and climbed was walls higher than chest high. And why would "parkour" have anything to do with this? Parkour is completely different from naturally vault/jumping over low walls. Or from jumping across gaps. Parkour is for doing insane things like flips and jumps all over the place. and FYI, in ArmA you CAN RPG infantry. That argument point is pointless. and dual wielding guns is rather idiotic since you can not aim properly. tomahawks are cool and would be interesting since it would add a melee aspect to the game. Bows and arrows and crossbows are not a necessary weapon for modern combat especially in 2030. The point my friends are making and that you seem to blow the hell out of the water about is that ArmA makes everything very well and leaves everyone behind so well that the inability to jump even the slightest little bit is made glaringly obvious and turns a lot of people off. Almost all the other FPS games out there allow you to jump so it really stands out. so, get off your high wooden horse and look at it from a different angle. Cause, if you go about life like that then not many people will like you and your life will be a sad one.

plus if you incorporate jumping to the fatigue aspect, you could make it so that you can jump once then you get fatigued.

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I think it would be cool if you could at least be able to run and vault a low wall without slowing down much. If you could jump though, I seriously doubt people would be bunny hopping all over as someone said doesn't even help to do that in call of duty lol.

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Duplicate of #5241. Please search before posting.