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Game's image continuity is not 100% right.
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Sometime you can experience a gap/cut between images even when I'm only testing something in a empty mission with the editor.

I even experience a huge gap and my game was frozen for more than 3 seconds! This happened only to me when I was the server in a very light multiplayer mission (I tested this mission several times and in only happened twice and no one else suffer this issue at that time)

In addition I experience cuts even in with the sound continuity.

This image continuity gaps/cuts happens when I set the view distance to 500m and terrain grid to 50. FRAPS does not notice the gaps/cuts but I do and it is annoying.

Thanks for your time



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Computer specs:
2x nVidia 570 GTX. (May be this issue is related to SLI configuration)
2x SSD.
12 GB Ram.
MSI Big Bang XPOWER motherboard.
(All drivers updated)

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