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Separate aircraft engines
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Now we have the opportunity to disable aircraft's engine and make it go down.
The isuue is that modern aircrafts often have multiple engines and disabling one of them will not make them go down.
For example take a look at Chinook, Apache, Super Cobra, Venom, Blackhawk -- they all have 2 engines, and some models like CH-53 Super Stallion (which has 3 engines) have even more.
Same story with planes F-15, F/A-18, F-22, A-10, C-130 they too have more than one engine.

My suggestion is to treat the engines separatly -- each engine is damaged individually and can be shut down individually (for example if it's damaged).


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yes. this should be included. the A-10 can fly fine with only one engine working. I think this should be added

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