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Changing classes in loadouts.
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When the "Virtual Ammobox System" or an equivalent system gets added to the game, allow for the ability to change classes when loading a profile. So that players can use class exclusive kits with their loadout.


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For example medkits only work with medics and toolkit works differently with an engineer than it does with a demo specialist.
This would greatly reduce the number of player nodes that I would need to place in the editor in order to make sure everyone can get the class they need for their loadout.
Also the player wouldn't have to look through as long of a list when spawning in to find the class that is compatible with their loadout profile, thats if the class they need for their loadout is even available at all.

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While it's not phrased very clearly, it is very much needed!

Currently if you don't place a medic in the mission editor, you cannot have medics, no matter what kinds of scripts you run. This completely breaks any dynamic class assignment (for example, allow someone to become a medic on next respawn without leaving and re-joining).

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I suggest the following title for this issue:
make soldier skill independent of soldier class (eg: medic, demolition specialist, repair specialist)

So it doesn't matter what class the soldier is, as long as you have the medic/tool kit you can heal and repair. And it will be up to mission makers to restrict the access to these items. Also it will be more intuitive for players than the current class based system.

Don't they have a class/unit type per faction, that has all the properties/variables for the medic, repair, etc. functions?

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Re: TakeHomeTheCup. Yep. The classes "b_soldier_universal_f", "o_soldier_universal_f", "i_soldier_universal_f" (...and so on, incl. guerilla/AAF variants) all have "attendant", "engineer" and "canDeactivateMines" set to 1.

Also "uavHacker". ;)

Don't forget uav hacker

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