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Communications Menu - BIS_fnc_AddCommMenuItem - show notification parameter
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It would be convenient to have a parameter for BIS_fnc_AddCommMenuItem that will determine whether BIS_fnc_ShowNotification is called.

This way you can opt out/in of whether you're notified during gameplay that a support was added.

Useful for instances when the communications menu is used for executing stuff, not necessarily a support.

I attached the file "fn_addCommMenuItem.txt" modified with a third parameter for whether or not a notification is displayed during gameplay. (.txt because wouldn't upload otherwise)

This could be accomplished just by using a modified version of the function, though would be more convenient to have it in the official function.


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executing stuff, not necessarily a support.

I'm afraid that using Supports menu for something else than supports is not intended behavior. If you want to execute a code, use a radio activated trigger.

Mass close.