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Players and vehicles take too much damage when hitting objects
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Sometimes if you drive a stronge vehicle like the ifrit it can be that the Vehicle gets nearly totally destroyed,when drive with 40 Kilometers over some light objects like a little fence or stuff like that.Also the Millitary Vehicles are way to vulnerable to chrashes against objects like trees or rocks,in most of the cases the tires even explode when you just hit a little rock.


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I just tried out hitting a fence in Agina Marina with an Ifrit, it resulted in all passengers being critically wounded and the Ifrit combat ineffective, and we're actually talking about a small metal fence here which in real life could never be able to stop a military vehicle like the Ifrit.

Yep the passengers also getting criticall dmg if you ram objects to hard.Ok this can be when you drive a pick up,but not when you sit inside of a modern combat vehicle thats weigh about 5 tons,cause you would just overrun the object.

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Vehicles and passengers taking too much damage from minor collisions is described here: #6687

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