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I can carry a carryall backpack, an NLAW and M320 LRR on my back
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As the summary said I can carry a carryall backpack, an NLAW and M320 LRR on my back with a pistol in my hand. This should not be possible in real life. {F19623}


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Screenshot uploaded.

He must have Quads made of Titanium...

maybe not with enough training, think about it, the strongest man in the world can lift/pull up to 500 kg, if the backpack, pistol, AT, and LMG all weight less than 500 kg then its completely possible for someone to carry them, not EVERYBODY, but its logical, besides, remember that less weight = more endurance

Yeah, the problem is that's not an LMG, it's a .50 cal sniper rifle and those are heavy and I think they wouldn't put very much effort in training soldiers to carry 100 kg on their backs.

@Dr Death - I would suggest you get 100kg Backpack, put it on, then grab a personal Weapon. Go for a 10 mile Run...

In the British Army, The 10-mile march is conducted as a squad, over undulating terrain with each candidate carrying a bergen (backpack) weighing 35 lbs (plus water) and a weapon. The march must be completed in 1 hour and 50 minutes (This is called a CFT Combat Fitness test). Lifting your mate (all of his kit and your kit) at the End of a Combat Fitness test and runn a 100yards in a set time is a decent feat then you have to lift a heavy weight into the back of a truck and haul yourself in.

500kg is insane, 100kg is difficult.. Only the SAS would go with Bergens at 100kg plus.

You cannot fight effectively this encumbered, you cannot get to cover, cannot sprint or move you can jog, but sprinting with this weight is a good way to injure yourself.

In the 1990's this is what the US army went with..

Fighting load: 48 pounds = 21kg (A fighting load includes a weapon, bayonet, clothing, helmet, load-bearing equipment, and ammunition.)
Approach march load: 72 pounds = 32kg (This load adds a lightly loaded rucksack.)
Emergency approach march load: 120 to 150 pounds = 54kg - 68kg. (This load adds a larger rucksack.)

This is well short of even 1/ 5th of the 500kg you stated.

Seriously fill a backpack with weight go for a long run - 10 miles, then do 5 hours of continuous Paint-balling at the end of the run whilst still carrying that weight. An Infantryman at war is one of the greatest feats of Physical and Psychological hardship imaginable. It's not like a running a marathon, or an endurance event, it's like being a Pack Mule on a Marathon where you've got a chance of being killed.

never said it was something you see common in the army, but if there are humans that could lift 500 kg in real life, this is not a "spartan" limit or a superhuman thing, just unrealistic (at the slightlest)

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To support mwnciboo statement i like to add a little experiance i made myself during my active service with the german Bundeswehr.

First off, it is possible to carry such a load. Whats important are the circumstances and the degree of usefullness.
Carrying such a load on combat operations? Combat efficency should be totally broken down.
Carrying on a long march? Possible, but expect major restrictions in the soldiers fighting capabilities after a long trip with a such a load.
Carry such a load for transport reasons? Good possible and on short distances below 10km you are still able to perform fairly well.

My experience on this:
Once we had an little mocked up evacuation scenario where we all had to carry a ****-load of equipment and wounded personal.
We where wake for already around 36h with a good workload in befor so everyone was really tired. Then we received the command to evacuate the area ASAP.
Distance was about 7km first for the equipment.
At this distance i had to carry my backpack with a load of about 30kg, my G36 + some empty Mags in sum maybe 4,5kg, two (yes 2 ...) MG3 each 11kg and two small boxes of ammo each maybe 5kg.

So i hit the road with my backpack on my back, on each shoulder one MG3, my G36 in front fixed with a gun sling and two hands for two small ammoboxes.
Made around 65kg with a fairly uncomfortable positions for 3 out of 5 items to carry.(guess which ones ...)
I have to say it was fairly good possible for 7km. ofc my hands and shoulders hurt and for the rest of the march (somewhat of 30km) i couldnt realy feel my hands any more. But still we where able to transport some wounded and loadbalanced the equipment so everyone had still 40+kg to carry.

Thats from my side, i hope you understand my point on this issue and that i have to vote down, because its not specific enough to say "its should not be possible".
Remember the who, where, what and why questtions. :)

Well it is not unreal,you can take a RPG with you and an big sinper,but you need a shoulder belt for the weapons.Especialy for the sniper,because it is realy unreal when you wear a weapon like the sniper without a shoulder belt also a rocket launsher.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We cannot restrict player of wearing such equipment. It is, as mentioned above, theoretically possible to wear it.

What we can do is penalize such loadout by faster fatigue increase, so such soldier will hardly sprint and his running will be slow and with all sorts of side effects (bad aiming, heavy breathing, blurry vision,..).

This solution is currently being examined.

I can live with that, if you want to run around encumbered then great but there is a penalty. I like this solution it keeps everyone happy.

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Read higher "We cannot restrict player of wearing such equipment. It is, as mentioned above, theoretically possible to wear it.". And that is true.

Yes, but the movement speed should be decreased quite a lot and you shouldn't be able to hit almost anything because of weapons sway and fatigue.

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Well that's a different topic. They need to improve fatigue.

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We have improved fatigue now (see last 2 comments)