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How to switch of script errors?
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I cant play as i have constantly black sign in the middle of screen.

arma3 is reporting script errors by default :(, on arma 2 was option to swich on but how to switch of ?????
please help!! {F19618}


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I'm sorry, but only way how to get rid of scripting errors is to fix them, hiding them is not a policy we'd like to promote.

  • If the error is present in an official content, create a new issue in this tracker and mention basic reproduction steps leading to the error (which mission, how to play it, etc.)
  • If the problem is in your own mission, it's your responsibility to locate and fix it. The text should help you locate which part of code is broken.
  • If the error occurs in community content, its author is to blame. Contact him and let him know about it. Mission author is mentioned in the loading screen; additionally, server admin(s) might provide further details.

I assume this is your case, but I'm afraid there's no other way than to fix the bug.

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