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Swinging/flexible Antennas on Vehicles
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Already before Arma 2 comes out, i strongly waited for the feature of swinging antennas on vehicles. As in other games since many years seen, this is one of the most athmosphere-transporting feature in game physics. I deeply, deeply missed it in Arma 2!

Antennas are the most important moving parts on vehicles when its in movement. In my opinion they are indispensable for authenticity in game physics.

Imagine a m1-tank rushing through the field and then executing an emergency braking... the front dives strongly down, dust is coming up... but the antennas are motionless...! This destroys the whole atmosphere.

Please don't let us wait once again 4 long years for that small, but very important feature!


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I had exactly the same request on my mind. Not really a major thing but a little touch that adds immersion to the game.
Lets say, in BF3 there are parts of the tank that are moving physically undependant to the tank - even if itself BF3 is super arcadey - some more immersion that would allow players to blend into game environment would be nice if possible.

BTW on this video you can see that there are also other parts on the tank that are movable. Unfortunatelly i think that this level of detail would be hard to achieve in so complex and endless of possibilities game like ArmA:

Anyway I think high. Devs made some nice optimizations to the engine - maybe they will bring even more of it?

Thx for compliance, fragmachine. I strongly hope for more votes. :-)

This would be a great feature. Small things like this can increase immersion.

Yeah, the vehicles seem a little stiff right now, with only the wheels acting on terrain, some more movement, like antennas, would be amazing. BF3 one looks great.

I remember in arma2 people analyzed the promo footage before release and how amazing the tank behaves when firing its canon, and the cool effects. It looked so real and immersive.

Taking another step by adding moving parts on vehicles would make the combat/vehicle ambience even more impressive.

Great idea.

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