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Optics mode swapped between jogging and combat pace
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It's been resolved, but the problem is still present in latest version (at least for me) - 0008299

No mods
version: 0.59.105679

Observation: -in combat pace using optics while moving changes to jogging

(weapon is lowered and moving faster)
-in jogging using optics while moving changes to combat pace
(weapon is ready to fire and moving slower)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Move forward in combat pace
  2. Press optics mode key (right mouse button or Num0 or whatever you use) Combat pace seems to be changed!
  3. Press Toggle view (NumENTER) You are still in combat pace (no optics key was pressed - so it is swapped)
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(Sorry for bad English - I hope you understand everything)

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It is fixed in 105695 , while your version is 105679

so wait for tomorrow's update and it should be fixed

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Ok. Thanks

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Closing as fixed.