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Enhance reality by implementing more real body reaction to various (bullet) impacts...
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Yes, we are much grateful for the new ragdoll simulation system and advanced, fluid physics and yeah, we love it when explosions toss the bodies meters away.
But, correct me if I'm wrong, in game, body's response upon bullet impacts is irrelative of the weapon that has shot them.
No matter if you have shot him with a 9mm pistol or a 7.62 EBR rifle from close range, and no matter where you shoot him, as soon as the last lethal bullet lands on him, the body will just fall downwards.It's direction will not be relative to the power and direction of the bullet (because the body becomes ragdoll after the bullet's thrust?).
Why to implement such a feature:
2.)I want to "feel" the power of my weapon on my enemies bodies.You know :p
3.)Since we've seen it in other games, and since I've seen gamers adore such stuff, you might consider that this feature could enhance game's "cool factor", without sacrificing realism.Guys, Vote up or down if you agree/disagree.
4.)I hope it is easy to implement it :p


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Taking it further, I personally would love to see soldiers that get a critical hit (e.g. shot in the leg by big weapon, explosion blast), to lose control for a moment, collapsing on the ground.(keep the soldier's reaction you already have implemented for minor hits-damage or blasts as it is, and add collapse-faint reaction for major).
Similar response already exists ingame, when a man gets hit by a vehicle.

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Take a look at "Red Dead Redemption". It's got a pretty good system.

Argh, sorry for almost double posting.Just read ticket 0005476.Though I say a bit different things :p

Have to say I agree with the general consensus of 0005476.
Bullets are designed to penetrate, not to transfer momentum.

*Some bullets. Penetration causes less force upon the body and less damage upon internals. You want a bullet to stop inside the body so it can break apart. Harder to treat. Moar injury.

Yes, some bullets sorry. When I said not transfer momentum, that statement is slightly wrong, because momentum is conserved. However as it penetrates the momentum is applied over a larger amount of time than if it just stopped. Also the momentum of a bullet is not very large compared to the momentum of a person.

But the momentum would be applied to penetration instead of "knock-down power". If a bullet passes through, that means that the force was not used efficiently. You want that force to be applied quickly anyway. The momentum of a bullet hitting your chest without penetrating can, and most likely will, collapse your rib-cage.

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What do you expect a person to do, besides fall down? The trajectory from which a person was shot has no bearing on which way they fall. You can watch combat footage from WWII to verify this; men running forward on D-Day, shot by German machine guns fell which direction? Forward. This is simple physics: Bullets fired from small-arms do not have enough energy to cause the human body to move drastically. If they could, then firing the weapon would have the same effect on the shooter. IE, if being shot by a rifle caused the victim to fall backward, then firing the rifle would have the same effect on the shooter. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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You are absolutely right The Mythbusters did an episode on that they proved that
bullets move a body about as much as light wind so... down voted.

Down voted, you only see bullets pushing bodies away in movies, that's not realism.

If anyone is shot running he just falls in the direction he was moving, if anyone is shot standing he just falls downwards.

I think the ragdoll has a few things to improve/tweak, but this isn't one of them.

Euphoria engine was, imo, the best ragdoll enhanced system I've seen to date. That said it is prob. unrealistic to implement in more that one way.

I also get that most lethal hits from calibers used in this game wouldn't transfer a lot of momentum.

But, at the moment it would be nice to see factors like movement speed and turnrate to influence the ragdoll "animation".

I don't think he means actually pushing the person drastically and making them go flying, but you can at least expect a person to fall in the opposite direction of the shooter( If not running). Especially if hit by larger grain pistol or larger rifle rounds. In fact, this effect would be even more logical with a person wearing body armor, as the bullet, not being able to use its energy to penetrate, would hit with at least 25 kg of force. (So much comma)

+1 to Cantaloup3r. Sorry for not being fully precise. The problem is (I think), that there is no bullet response whatsoever: Ragdoll behaviour starts after bullet impact. Whichever the power of the bullet's momentum is, - big or small, it is not applied on the ragdoll. Why such an issue might be important? Example: When full game will be released, If I reckon correctly, there will be some super rifles like anti-material. If the gameplay remains as it is, then no matter if a soldier gets hit by such a rifle (or any other weapon) in the hand, or foot, or head, the body will have the same bullet impact reaction: None.
Now, someone might say that this is a too detailed feature to request, but I still hope it might be a relatively easy feature to implement...
P.S. +1 to Euphoria engine

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This is a duplicate of another issue where a lengthy discussion about bullet impacts unfolded.