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Visitor 4/Mapmaking software A3 tailored for community
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As we know, there is a A3 beta coming soon as an update to alpha. Right now modders have to deal with tools that aren't fitted-enough to A3 technology, for instance there is no Physx LODs - but it's not the case of this ticket.

There is incredible map making software from some time around - Visitor 4.
It's used to make VBS II maps - which are very realistic. This software provide such powerfull tools that allow you to make hiqh-quality area within few days - areas that to make in Visitor 3 would take few months.
More user friendly and much better end result without hair torn off the head.

Community and A3 itself would take alot of benefits by releasing this software. Right now beginning map makers came to a point where they think about giving up. They aren't really into making maps for A2 as for right now their main interest is A3. And if they sooner will understand A3 mapmaking which is slightly different than A2 map making - the better for the whole community.

Releasing Visitor 4 or any mapmaking software tailored for A3 as an open download or at least license buy without VBS II stuff - would enhance our community in map making sector.


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