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Mounting/Dismounting weapons accessories should require a time delay.
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Currently when the player is picking up an accessory for his weapon (suppressor, optic, etc.) he just have to left click and the accessory is instantly installed on his weapon.

for a more realistic gameplay and to limit accessories advantages abuse each accessories should require a delay to be correctly installed.

for example when mounting or dismounting a suppressor the delay should be of several seconds (5-6 seconds)

same thing for mounting and unmounting an optic device :

to correctly install a scope the player must carrefully place it on picatinny rail then must clamp the thumbscrew. (which should require 10 seconds at least)

the instantaneous accessory mounting/dismounting is too arcadish and unrealistic.


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ideally each kind of accessory should have his own mounting and dismounting animation.

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In real life I could jog along at a steady pace while screwing on/off a suppressor in order to put it in/remove it from a pocket, I could probably scoop up a suppressor off the ground while remaining fluid and importantly NOT stopping thus being a harder target.

In the game we have to STOP for the period of time we are in the inventory to attach/remove e.g. a suppressor from/to an available e.g. “pocket”, so are more of a target for that time.

Are you sure you’re not just exchanging guns, or are playing in mode where your in the unlikely situation of finding gun accessory’s laying around the place NOT attached to anything as a mechanism of the type of gameplay like PvP deathmatch vs. PvAI coop whare you can only take things from bodies via the inventory if you want to be highly selective.

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If think if more of a problem that you can change uniform instantly

"In the game we have to STOP for the period of time we are in the inventory to attach/remove e.g. a suppressor from/to an available e.g. “pocket”, so are more of a target for that time."

even with the fact to have to access to the inventory it still allow a too fast accessory mounting/dismounting.

  1. press G
  2. right click on the accessory
  3. press escape to close the inventory

total time required : 3 seconds

try to mount or dismount a scope or any other accessories IRL in just 3 seconds....

Well, at least they had considered this, because there are animations for mounting and dismounting optics.

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Fully agree, current system is very arcade and weak
Wold be good to have sound supressor and other gadgets animations mount/dismount
And redressing anims too

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