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Overbassed sounds - after last update
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All sounds in A3 (or that ones with some bass) are "overbassed" like when you want do audio normalisation (on quiet MP3 files for example), and put audio level too high, this is something like that, except i think its only deep sound problem

I can hear bad bass sound even on headphones, not that good as on 5.1 system, but still. All other applications doesn't have any problems with this.

I tried disable all "effects" of my soundcard (like CCMS-3D, crystaliser,...)

I tried to lower audio levels just for subwoofer, it was more quiet, but still sound of bass was bad


THIS ISSUE WAS ALREADY REPORTED TO ASTAROTH, but didn't found it on tracker and want to see if anyone else have these problems. Also if you need some more materials from me, you can contact me on Steam :)


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Steps To Reproduce
  • 5.1 (or more) sound system to hear the problem - subwoofer needed (or very good headphones and hearing :-) )
  • Best way to hear - just fly little bird
Additional Information

Audio problem recorded - need 5.1 sound system(or good headphones)

Flying little bird:!gwQ0gQib!OWPSnmTF7eOIOMtFpM75zn62QIh1Cfo_tBLM5fv-nmQ

More videos: (server located in CZE)

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Personally, I haven't noticed this. I'll look into it, though. But I'd rather have over-done bass, than not have bass at all (I'm looking at you, Arma2, no offense). That allows the people with not-so-great soundsystems also to get 'beefier' sounds. It's easier to decrease the bass than to add to what was never there.

The sounds are very muffled. They are about 50% quieter than before the update. They sound like if we are locked from within a closet, even when riding on a quad. It's kinda annoying.

And wUFr, please upload your videos on YouTube, no one is gonna download uncompressed AVI files. Or at least convert the audio stream to MP3.

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Youtube dont have 5.1 audio, thats why its on that links :) + thats why its uncompressed, and i dont think 100MB is problem in 2013 :)

This issue is really annoying and should be fixed immediadly, I can't fire the KA60's minigun for instance without being anxious about serious hearing problems as long term effects. Btw: I got a Logitech G35 7.1 Headset.

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Closing for now, still not assigned so i will spam them latter :D