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(Since update 0.58) Right click cancels combat pace toggle
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Since the latest update 0.58, right clicking to bring up the sights while in combat pace makes the character run again instead of bringing up the sights. Only when using combat pace toggle, regular combat pace works as intended.


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1-Use combat pace toggle, watch how the character moves slower and ready to hip fire as he should.

2-Right click to bring up the sights, but notice how the character starts running again instead of bringing up the sight.

3-Now pressing the combat pace toggle key brings up the sights for some reason.

Please fix this, it's really annoying, especially since it was working fine before.

Before the update this was working as it should.

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Confirmed. If you hit "/" to look through optical sights, then right click when in combat pace defaults to you looking through the scope at the ground.

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Duplicate of #8299

Duplicate. Fixed in a future build.