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SUGGESTION: Occasional sun flare / flash when someone is looking through a scope.
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Given the size of maps, when characters are prone it can be extremely hard to find them. This can make playing against snipers overly frustrating.

When a character (AI/player) is LOOKING THROUGH a scope there would be an occasional SMALL flash at their position which is visible at long distance.
Flash would be proportionally less bright with overcast conditions.

This would simulate sun/sky reflection. Even though moden sights are designed not to, it can still happen.

Would be SMALL so that an observer would have to be looking CLOSELY in the general area to see it.


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Occasional sun flare off a scope? As in random time executed, as opposed to Orientation executed?

This wouldn't make sense on cloudy days, or at night? You would have to code alot of exceptions.

Better to just base it on the relative direction of the Sniper, to the observer relative to the sun (if it is there).

This would be a realism breaker if it wasn't implemented correctly and could prove a bit of a headache regards Physics and how reflected light is coded if at all?

Great suggestion, might not be feasible.

like in battlefield how the glare from snipers look like they have a flashlight attached to their gun at all times, even in a tunnel, and you just shoot at the light? It would be cool if it worked like real life though - relative to shooter and target position to the sun

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Altimaden: NO, NOT how it works in Battlefield. I said INTERMITENTLY, look it up.

It worked very well in Novalogic 'Joint Operations' game.

I would have to be faked to some extent. If very cloudy maybe it wouldn't happen but the sky is usually brighter than the ground so there would be SOME brighness difference. Obviously not at night but then there should be a bit of mussle flash.

There should be some way to find snipers because its going to be too hard to find them otherwise. There is no sound direction when they are far away.

We want the game to be realistic but its still a game. Real snipers are almost impossible to kill so would make this game unplayable with everyone camping.

Modern scopes all have anti reflection lens so i'm expecting these to be in 2035 aswell.


Remember its for GAMEPLAY not just realism.

In real life you will NEVER find a sniper.
That will hurt gameplay because EVERYONE will want to be a sniper.

Yeah but that makes it more of why have it then? Snipers are extremely rare, you might have a small section of Sniper Pairs in an Infantry Battalion. In reality they are very useful for scouting, denying area's to enemy infantry and seeking to remove Enemy key figures.

They aren't integrated into Fireteams, or Squads or Platoons. There are usually designated Marksmen, but a Marksman isn't a sniper. He is a skilled individual able to use a Weapons system between 500m and 1000m. Snipers are skilled at take downs well beyond this, and usually employ a specialist Rifle, Scope and non-standard Ammunition.

Hollywood, Computer Games and media fiction have turned the Sniper into some kind of hero worship. 99% of a snipers life is sitting still (getting cramp and having limbs fall asleep) for hours maybe even days, pissing their pants and crapping themselves because they cannot move to take a dump. Unless they are lucky enough to have a hide, but even then they minimize the risk because they are out on their own, with no support or help usually quickly available. Better not to be seen, rather than compromise themselves. This is the true skill of the Sniper, true discipline, endurance and most of all patience. Shooting is one dimension, but snipers are much more skilled in navigation, use of terrain, stealthy movement, hard rountine discipline and environmentally aware.

Most snipers will not remove a scope cover, until they have a definite target and are preparing to get their eye-in ready for the shot.

I'm not a fan of snipers in ARMA unless everything is modelled, then if I get hit at 1.5km or whatever, I have to "Doth my Cap" because some has had to really work for that kill, using proper calculations, windage, Coriolis adjustments and an effective Spotter. All these Battlefield Games have made an Exact Science just a point and click, that looks about right *Boom* rather than any real skill.

Let's leave Hollywood, Battlefield and Playstation for a moment.

"when characters are prone it can be extremely hard to find them"
This is why you go prone in the first place - to be hard to find.

"playing against snipers overly frustrating"
In real life, having enemy snipers in your area of operations, is VERY frustrating.

"is LOOKING THROUGH a scope"
What if he isn't looking through a scope, but his rifle lays in the sun anyway?

"In real life you will NEVER find a sniper."
Incorrect. There are ways... Sniper, while good at hiding, isn't invisible.

"There should be some way to find snipers because its going to be too hard to find them otherwise"
Actually, without grass being rendered in optics, without attaching local foliage to the ghillie and with ghillies not working well against thermal view, it's too easy to find them. Black, uncamouflaged rifles only make matters worse.

"There is no sound direction when they are far away."
This is why snipers shoot from far away, use sound masking etc.

"Real snipers are almost impossible to kill"
They bleed like everyone else. If you want to engage them on their terms, it's your faulty tactical plan, that will kill your men, not sniper's "super powers".

"make this game unplayable with everyone camping"
This is only up to mission makers. Just because I've tried some idiotic missions in Arma2, it doesn't mean, that the game itself is badly designed.

"Remember its for GAMEPLAY not just realism."
This statement is valid only, if you want to simplify a complex topic, just to make it more accessible to more users. Starting up a helicopter with a "Q" key alone, is a good example of such design decision.

"In real life you will NEVER find a sniper."
If snipers were THAT invincible, then whole armies would consist of snipers only. But for some reason, snipers are only a small minority on a battlefield. I wonder, why?

"EVERYONE will want to be a sniper"
Again, this depends on mission design. Also lot of players enjoy teamwork, intense firefights with their mates nearby, using vehicles or simply commanding the whole show from a safe bunker.

Now for the good and educated parts:
"Modern scopes all have anti reflection lens so i'm expecting these to be in 2035 aswell."
Training a sniper is quite expensive, so a couple of bucks for an antiglare shield won't make much difference, but can save a "valuable investment" from trouble in the field. Even current ACOG scopes or Kobra red dot sights have antiglare shields fitted, not to mention various stuff I've seen on snipers' rifles.

And the whole post above by mwnciboo is correct as well.