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bullet penetration
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that game is a modern combat sim...
we have the famus bullet drop/distance,and i dont understand why we dont have the correct bullet penetration on objects (trees,cars etc)
its really funny to shoot a enemy behind a bush/tree and cant kill him because the bullets stay in the leafs of the bush for example.....


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Probably because different materials haven't had a value attributed to them, equally there maybe no method to recall that value when struck by a Bullet or object.

It seems simple, but actually if not implemented into the Engine it can be really difficult to do, unless you find a work around and this can lead to limitations and problems.

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all bullets have value of bullet penetration, maybe the wall you tested don't have (also logs can't be tranpased)

I saw JESTER814 do a video on this with a 12.7mm Rifle... Trying to shoot this "Big" round through a wall into a Target.

The Bullet might have a penetration value, but when it hits the wall it seems to make no difference, this is believe is because all materials have the same value? I might be wrong, but it's not obvious that bullets do more damage or different levels of damage depending on what material the bullet strikes.

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duplicate of 2125

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Agreed. Closing this one, since #2125 is already assigned.