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Stucks in Sight/Optics view in many conditions
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After 0.57[DEV].I find that Sight/Optics view just apply to almost any stance and movement.
Is't fine to stay in Dot\Iron sight when running\reloading and changing stance. But, for telescopic Optics, running\reloading and Spring should not get me sutck into the narrow sight view.
What's more,when crawling,reloading grenades and swiming, the view still stay in the sight,that seems my eyes just fly out or I got a decollation! {F19562} {F19563} {F19564} {F19565}


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Steps To Reproduce

1-1. Get yourself a rifle with Optics;
1-2. Try aim down the telescope and walk\run\spring\reloading
2-1. Aim down with the Dot or Iron sight;
2-2. Try crawling while aimming down, see how awkward the view is.
3-1. Get a rifle with grenade luncher;
3-2. Aim down the luncher,and then reload the luncher;
3-3. Your eyes even fly into your body!
4-1. While not been a Diver,Get any rifle and aim down with dot or iron sight;
4-2. Go to swim, notice the rifle automaticly swap to your back when in to deep water.
4-3. Try aim down,you'll find you eyes fly to your back and viewing the sight!

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Check out these pics,see how awkward they are.

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Voted up!
I wanted to report the same, when I've found this.

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