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Joystick Controller Not Recognized/Controller Screen Missing Labels
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My Saitek Cyborg X isn't recognized (I think since the last alpha updates) by Arma 3. It's listed under controllers as Cyborg X just fine, but in game the controls and buttons are unresponsive. It's just dead.

The controller works fine in the Windows8 properties and is recognized and I get an "OK" status.

Complicating this is that when I try to go into the settings for the controller under Arma3's controller scheme, the labels on the buttons are missing (I can't tell what they all do). I've tried to reinstall/uninstall the drivers -- to no avail.

It was previously working (I remember I had some difficulty back then and I cant remember how I had it working) but hasn't been for a while.

It seems like Arma 3 is recognizing the stick, but only partially. The axis controls for up/down/left right/collective are listed on the main controller page for the stick...but they are greyed out. {F19559} {F19560} {F19561}


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It happens every time.

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I just tried .58 version. The labels on the controller config screens have now reappeared. The joystick, though, is still unresponsive.

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Please try to scheme your joystick as "Generic joystick" or unmap it and map all buttons and movements in keyboard tab manually.

Thanks Raedek. Just tried both suggestions you made. I am unable to map (within Arma3) any of the joystick axis or buttons manually. Also, the generic joystick option didn't work either -- the joystick commands are populated ..but greyed out (not bright white) and attempts to manually map those, doesn't work.

I'm at a loss!

I did some screenshots for clarity. In Red is undesired status and in blue is desired status.

Try to go to controlls>controllers menu and click on your device and click enable on the bottom. Then try to bind joystick in Keyboard tab manually and let us know if it works.

I reinstalled everything...Windows 8...

And now the controllers work properly...

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