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[FEATURE REQ] dynamic weather module
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the only problem with the weather settings is that its too predictable..
you know the forecast vice versa.

could BIS implement a dynamic weather module that seriously mixes up the weather making it un predictable?


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I agree and think this is the intended direction of the current weather implementation.

Matter of fact, it might be more geared towards displaying real time weather, similar to FlightGear's modeling. In essence, providing random weather.

However for random weather effects simulation, could probably insert random value not to be more or less than a certain step value per hour. Sort of like drawing a random line across graph paper. And probably insert another random value to encourage spikes in good and bad weather conditions.

I completely agree, most of the servers running for the past months are too well addicted to the already too well simulated clear & sunny predictable weather for the past 20+ years! Things must change! ;-)

There actually is a dynamic-random weather, not sure if it works in the current build!

In the "intel" menu in the editor, you can get the basic starting overcast and forecast and then lower on the "future conditions" sliders you have manual or, if you click it, it switches to auto

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.