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[DEV] Both lighthouses have the same flash patern...
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In the [DEV] build...
The new lighthouse to the south should have a different lens to the one in the north, so that it has a different flash pattern for identification purposes.

Maybe change it to two flashes and change the ratios of the gear system so that the lens revolves around the lamp faster.

Nice addition though, I was pleasantly surprised :-)
Keep up the great work!


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"... flash pattern for identification purposes. " identify what?


All lighthouses have different flash patterns so ships and other vehicles can identify where they are in emergencies.

For example...
Flamborough lighthouse in the UK emits 4 White Flashes Every 15 Seconds
They all have their own individual flash pattern for navigation purposes.
Two lighthouses on the same island with the same flash pattern is both pointless and dangerous.

The function of a lighthouse is not just to warn sailors of a potential danger. They also enable them to find their position.

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There is a new lighthouse!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

@AD2001 Yes :-)
It's about 360 meters north of The Spartan :-)

It just needs a different flash pattern now as it's identical to the one in the north at the moment.

Thanks for the spoiler, Feral.

No worries AD2001 :-)

I got a bit giddy when I stumbled across it!
I was also very confused & thought my compass was broken lol

Both lighthouses have the same flash pattern because they are actually the same object.

Mass close.