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Terrain does not cast shadow on anything.
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Terrain simply does not cast a shadow on any object. This becomes a problem when the sun or moon sets or rises making rocks, players, and common objects pop out when they should be shadowed by a hill that is blocking light. {F19515}


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Steps To Reproduce

Jump into editor, set the time early or late in the day and jump in game.
Find and travel to the top of a hill with the sun directly behind you
(adjust time if needed)
Notice your player's shadow is floating where the terrain shadow should be.

Additional Information

Tested in both Arma 3 Alpha and Arma 3 Alpha Dev build.

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my buddy opened fire on his shadow the other day, ended up getting us killed :)

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Duplicate of #313

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More a dupe of #2477 than #313, but a dupe nonetheless.