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Player and AI death animations are Mediocre:P
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Sometimes death animations in this game are spot on, especially when a unit is shot and he slinks against a wall. But sometimes units death's look almost "too" rag dollish, almost to the point where its as if the unit had no bones in the first place. I know its an Alpha so it's more of a suggestion for the final but I just want to see the ragdoll physics get tweaked a bit more so there more like people and less Garry's mod type ragdolls haha.


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It's not really conditional its more of just the ragdolls in general so I bet you guys have seen these animations before, I guarantee;)

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Like I said It will probably be fixed for the final if not the Beta I just wanted to see how others felt about the poor Ragdoll animations:P

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I think the ragdoll is an improvement despite of some silly death situations. ArmA 2 death animations were horrible (I remember killing Taki's in moving UAZs and how they ridiculously died).

Imho the real problem is the spasm that the ragdoll makes every time it is hit,anyways I expect this little issue to be tweaked in the beta or in the final release, not in the alpha.

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This issue is already covered by multiple other tickets. Please search before posting.