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Maintaining perfect scopeview through magnified scopes while reloading
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A recent iteration of the dev branch introduced a aiming animation which lets you keep looking through the scopes even when you are reloading.

While the idea is somewhat justified with high FOV red dot scopes, it still seems odd and makes reloading your rifle a very insignificant act.

The main problem however lays in magnified optics. Anyone having shot with one of these can tell you in order to properly see through them, you have to look at them from a very specific distance and angle, otherwise the view is black or you don't see the full circle. Maintaining that sweet spot can sometimes be difficult.

When you are reloading the rifle, it is moving a lot. Especially the reloading animation for e.g. the GM6 makes it move around quite heavily. It is impossible to always stay in that sweet spot whilst reloading. Even if you move a few centimeters away from this sweet spot, the black edges you see here are getting bigger and bigger until they obscure your whole view.

While it's not realistic, game design can also be influenced by how it feels and how "cool" it looks. In this case however, there's none of that.
Why have all the fancy reloading animations when you can't even look at them?

All you see at the moment is the scopeview jumping and twitching around wildly. That does not only look bad but also feels strange as you get no feedback from your weapon actually being reloaded. It's just a magic trick filling up your bullet count.

Especially with sniper rifles where you keep looking through the scope, reloading should be a time where you stop, get your vision back and actually experience the splendid reload as it happens. After the reload, you get right back to your target-awareness as Arma normally switches back to the scopeview after the reload has finished so you don't lose track of your target.
Additionally, it's very broken with e.g. the grenade launcher and introduces even more problems such as the combat pace bug...

Let the animators show their work and the player appreciate that reloading means not being able to shoot and having to focus on the reload.


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Grab any rifle with a magnified scope, look through it and reload. You will experience wild swinging and maintain a perfect view at all times whilst your ammo count refreshes.

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Is the development team agreeing with the nature of this problem?

yes, this is unintended behaviour/ sideeffect of something different, will try to fix

Take an MXGL and look thru grenade launcher sight and press reload.This idea to keep looking thru sights is bad on many levels.Keep A3 more towards realism and make the weapon go to side to reload IMO.;)

Fixed in EXE rev. 105957 :)

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yes, thanks to Kolji, the most radical programmer

Mass close.