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Visualisation of command radius, active orders/formation and squad cohesion restrictions
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Tying back to the HUD discussion of a stance meter I would like to refer to the argument in the shape of an analogy of "you can't feel your stance, the way you do in the real world, hence you need a HUD information" to the fact that the squads are there as organisations, but without any visualisation or forcing rules, i.e. in ARMA I can run off, going AWOL, with a live weapon in a war zone and my squad leader can either scream useless commands "fall back", "return to formation" or team kill me... Why not, as always, have the option of enforcing a "light green" and visible, but still not "existing" structure, circle with 50m radius around the squad leader that restricts the movements of the grunts. If i'm not mistaken, commanders have responsibility for planning and executing movement and combat, and soldier the obligation to follow.
So, added to this:

  1. The squad leader would not need some of the pointless commands, like "return to formation".
  2. The squad leader could indicate on the map, as well as directly in game that "we should face this direction, and I want you in a DIAMDOND, or LINE, or COLUMN, or WEDGE or L-SHAPE" and his soldiers could try to emulate this request much more easy...
  3. Each soldier, according to his already existing role would have a virtual position locator within the squad 50m radius helping him be a useful team player, i.e. AT-soldier at the far right flank, or Medic left of Squad leader, etc.
  4. No more AWOL possible.
  5. Respawns would be done to new squads, or awaiting complete respawn of whole squad.
  6. If squad leader and second in command die, then the squad rules would no longer be enforced and individual soldiers can continue until dead, but without access to new orders, current status, voice or text chat... MIA essentially... unless linking up with another squad or vehicle.
  7. All soldiers, not only squad leader, should have content in "green square bobbing above head"... easy visualisation of class.
  8. Squad leader should have his current order visualised, and preferably the soldier would have corresponding body movement to a given order, "HALT" would also imply a raised right hand. = Puts more effort into command than shooting and running essentially.
  9. If squad leader opens map the order "hedge hog" would be given so that the squad defends 360 degrees.

Some thoughts on how I think ARMA 3 could be really epic. Unless all of these things have been done already and I'm just a noob... again.


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Have you fully thought this through...since this being a milsim and not a bf3 DLC? because imo, suggestion # 6 makes NO sense whatsoever.

From what I can gather in this report you basically want to prevent units under your command to keep them with a certain radius or they'd AWOL & piss off, lol. That may say a bit about whom you play with but it won't fly in the arma world.

ALL firefights prevent you from staying in formation and of course in finding the nearest cover often creates more separation from your ldr/squad.

p.s. if a leader can't remember what order he gave to his squad...he probably shouldn't be leader of said squad, lol

"7. All soldiers, not only squad leader, should have content in "green square bobbing above head"... easy visualisation of class."

No, if BIS does this it is no longer ARMA. If you want something similiar use the SHACKTAC HUD.

BIS don't you dare do anything as heinous as Player/Class Markers!!! This is not an arcade game, never has been and if it wants to continue to have a dedicated and loyal following it must never become or adopt "Arcade" Game type conventions.

If ARMA makes even one step down this path it will damn itself and destroy the very thing that makes ARMA Brilliant, Unique, Addictive and one of the most enduring Franchise's with a super loyal fan base.

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