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Map problem with "Pythos" Island
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When boats respawn near "pythos" island coast, they respawn damaged without reasons, because of a bug with the island modeling I suppose.
My vehicle respawn script's problem comes from of a game / map bug!

And this is my proof :

The script is good on stratis island, but not on pythos island!! Why ? i don't know exactly...

You can find here, 2 ultra simple maps with the same vehicles and same men!
I just pasted the same units and ammobox from "pythos", to stratis beach!
=> in the first case : the respawn isn't good!
=> in the second case : everything is ok!

After many try, I guess that the problem comes from how "pythos" island is cooked.

Feel free to test those 2 ultra simple demo, and confirm if you have the same issue!

Thanks all


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test the demo .pbo ! ...

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I dont think this relates to Localization

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If the script is not created by BI, then please ask the author of this script to fix it.

Contact author of this script please. Thank you.