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[FEATURE REQUEST] louder breathing underwater in the scuba gear plus the exhaled bubbles
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could the volume of the breathing underwater be louder along with the bubbles as we exhale.


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n/a - sorry

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possible other bubble effects from air pockets etc...

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A3 underwater equipment (rebreather) is a closed circuit rebreather, without any exhalation (not sure if spelled correctly) bubbles.. the 3 or 4 small bubbles you see coming out in 3rd person view everynow and then are not from breathing

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ok atleast the breathing can be louder and more detailed?

just brings the whole diving effect more realistically

want it louder? turn up your volume, lol. NEXT

hahaha ill give you that one lol

but someone knows what I mean right?
meh actually f**k it its fine.

@developer - please close this ticket as requested please :)