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duration of respiration under water
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Hi,so here's the problem that i noticed,so if you go under water,obviously you have a duration of respiration under water,so the thing is if you stay underwater you take around 3-4 minutes to die with shortness of breath,so i think it should be reduced to 1 or 2 minutes because no one can stay under water for 3-4 minutes straith


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1-find water
2-go underwater
3-wait 3-4 minutes till you die

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and if you haven't checked on real life anecdots, just dont say nothing, yes, actually most of the soldiers trained in underwater enviroments can survive for around 5 minutes, however, i agree the duration for you to survive underwater should be limited by your character (maybe an RPG element?) its not unrealistic for the character to survive this long.

The vast majority of soldiers are not trained specially for underwater operations. Even amongst those that are, many of them will not be able to stay conscious after 4 mins underwater. The only ones who may be able to pull something like that off would be the special operations divers, but they are a very small group, you can expect that less than 1% of the military are trained to that level. I don't know whether you have actually served in the military before, but I certainly do not remember having any "holding breath underwater" lessons.

tldr; I agree with OP, 3-4 mins of breath is too long.

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then we should make the characters in the editor with a stats display? to be able to change things like strenght (affect recoil and shaking when aiming) stamania, breathing, etc.?

to be honest, i think it would be an amazing idea

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I think it's a bit rash to say no one can stay under water for 3-4 minutes straight. The world record is over 10 minutes.
Maybe this should depend on several factors like class and skill, stamina, level of activity etc. A fit person static in water could probably last longer than 2 minutes. Back when I was fit I pulled off 3.37 without much practice, but that was static.
I think level of activity should be key, for example say 30 seconds if swimming around and 3 minutes if static

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One can definitely stay underwater for 3-4 minutes. Without training it's unlikely to happen, but with training not very hard to achieve. My personal static apnea record is 4:00, and it was only about a month after I started training apnea.

However, I agree that with regular character the 3-4 minutes static apnea is a little bit too long. The time before passing out is much shorter if you swim underwater already btw.

agreed with Heruon, almost exactly what I was going to say. Let this play out as the stamina does. If you under water you have X amount of time, but as you swim around, that time shortens. best way to tackle this problem fairly.

Also any chance of getting boyuncy implimented depending on weight of gear? I would imagine if you are fully stacked with gear that you would most likely find it hard to surface and probably drown. So if you end up in water somehow you will have to shed weight (gear) to keep above surface.

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Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build.

yeah,i tried it out in the latest developement build and i can still reproduce it

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you dont get it, dont you, putopulha? he means that you should try it out after a bunch of updates to see if this got fixed

i got great news,i tryied to reproduce this glitch in the dev build in 31/05/13 and its no longer reproducable,now you take around 1 or 2 mins to die,so thats a cool time

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Yup, this was fixed. Also: #1495