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Distant AI see through object.
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Hiding in a building fire two shots out a window and AI knows not only that I am in the building but where I am inside the building. I move in and out of their line of sight behind walls and a door. They fire and pause, fire and pause while I side shift in front of and to the side of the door. AI are not close by rather they are far up the side of a hill 150 meters away. {F19382}


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Additionally I believe they don't fire when I place myself between the them and the mud brick wall is that they are aware their rounds cannot penetrate the wall so they cease fire. When I move to put the door between them and myself they are aware their rounds can penetrate the door to kill me and so begin firing. Hence they can see when I'm behind the door and when I am not.

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Related to #8204

8204 is about tracking your position even when they can't see you. This issue is not related. Did you watch the video. The issue here is not only that they know where I am but that they know when to fire on me based on the material I am behind, supposedly non see through material.

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