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Feedback on the new JayHolder radio protocol combat phrases
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I've been using the JayHolder radio protocol for a while now because it sounds better, and has yelling for combat mode, which immediately amazed me, 'cause it just sounded so f'ing awesome.

However, today I was about to record a video, and noticed that they had just been replaced today.

It's not that the new ones are bad, it's just that they don't at all fit the combat behaviour. Would be better fitted for the aware behaviour.

I'd really like them back, because they were awesome.

I've put a few MP3s in the additional information field.


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Example of new/vs old. New first. Old (the awesome ones) will come after the two beeps:

To emphasize: The old ones are the one I favor!

Attack (This is the one that bummed me out when I wanted to record today and expected the unit to yell the order, rather than just saying it with a hint of constipation. It really killed the ambush):


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I prefer the more calm voice commands as they are more audible or more easily understand versus simulation of somebody panicking over a radio.

If you've ever operated a radio in real life, you'll understand this.

I didn't notice much difference between the new and old recordings you had made.

He's not panicking -.-' He's YELLING.

There's a HUGE difference between the old and new ones.

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Given the availability of throat mic etc and bone conduction headphones today, then the period that A3 is set in there should be less absolute shouting in general given the use of tactical radio.

The new sound are less shouting and perhaps more conveying “urgency” through being louder than normal talking without it being like your trying to shout at people up to 50m away above the sound of gunfire etc.

Noob Question: How do i use these protocols ? I can't find them under my player profile o.O

Kid18120: They're only available through scripting.

Place player in the editor, and put this in the Initialization field:
this setIdentity "Kerry";

Thanks MulleDK19 :)

It's funny, when they're not yelling, half of the community complains that the radio voice-overs are "kitchen table recordings", which inhibits immersion.

And now they're intense, you complain they should be calmer.

For that reason, I like them how they are. :-)

They are not intense now. They WERE intense. It actually sounded like they were under fire. Now it just sounds like they need a medic.

rogerx added a comment.Sep 2 2013, 1:54 AM

I agree, but was hesitant to say so initially as it was likely an overnight decision to make them less intense. ;-)