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AI going to random places
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I have tried to put the units (opfor) in one place. Using these INIT commands:
removeallweapons this;
this addweapon "arifle_Khaybar_C_ACO_F";
With no ammo so I could test around the weapons without them firing at me.
So when I add the unit in and preview, the unit stands still for some seconds, then walks to somewhere random which I have no idea why. Tested with waypoints, didn't work as I though it would. So the problem is that I want them to stand still, which they don't.

I can't see anything in unit editing, I have also tried those commands "disableAI" and other commands which are from Arma 2. One of the commands that are supposed to "stop" the AI gives me only a error, global variable etc. (I have red about the variables on the wiki).

So I wish we could have a stop command on the units or give me a working command? I am not using team leaders, I am using normal opfor riflemens.


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put a unit on the map with or without these commands and put skills and ammunition to zero

removeallweapons this;
this addweapon "arifle_Khaybar_C_ACO_F";

  1. Watch in preview how retarded the AI is and runs somewhere else instead of standing still with waypoint or commands.
Additional Information

I could show you this in a video if you want to see what I really mean incase you don't really understand.

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The reason he moves is because he sees you and goes into combat mode. To force him to stay in his place put (this disableAI "MOVE") in his init. I just checked this myself and it works

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Appreantly I forgot the "THIS" on the beginning so if a moderator sees this just close it since I got it fixed.

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Issue was looked into and fixed/tweaked as designed.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it.

Mass close.