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When playing on Internet very hard objects are damaged/destroyed by unknown cause
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Walls and other objects that are very difficult to destroy it on the editor are easily destroy on Internet. I even try to protect them with:

{_x EnableSimulation False; _x AllowDamage False;} ForEach (NearestObjects [Centre,["Static"],300]);

But walls and other objects are destroyed by a non recognized source. I guess the destruction can be due to defected bullets or due to rag doll collisions. I manage to see how a dead AI corpse hit a group of boxes and boxes were destroyed by the collision.


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Gameplay in a small area with AI.

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It seams that this issue is related to the communication with clients as I normally do not see this issue when I test the DM mission alone.

Always it happens when other players connect to the server.

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This still happening and I guess is due to a some kind of issue with the network code as this issue never shows up when you play alone.

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Duplicate ticket.