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Strange score behaviour when server machine kills units.
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When units kill eachother in a deathmatch mission:
Description.ext -> AIkills=1;
Every unit Init. Code -> This Addrating ((- Rating This) - 100000);

The score behaves different!
AI kills AI -> +1
Client kills AI -> +1
(Server unit) kills AI -> +1
Client kills (server unit) -> +1
(Server unit) kills client -> -1

Why when the server unit kills a player it gets -1 point?


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Deathmath mission with non-dedicated server and a client.

Description.ext -> AIkills=1;
Every unit Init. Code -> This Addrating ((- Rating This) - 100000);

Kill AI units, server unit and client units and the score behaviour is not always the same.

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I guess this issue could be incorporated with the last update (0.56) as I have been working on that DM mission before and I did not spot this issue.

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I recently created a death match mission ( and I can see that the score issue for DM missions still there even when I broadcasted the negative rating to the server.

Yesterday a mission user received even a negative score when the mission did not use the negative score feature that I added to the mission. I kill my avatar to verify it and after the respawn my score did not change unlike the score for that player.

By the way the mission save feature was totally disabled so the mission was not using previous settings.

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