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An explosive created via script has different score behaviour depending of it runs on a server or client.
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Using a SQF script to create an explosion:
_Strike = "M_RPG32_AA_F" createVehicle Strike_Pos;

The game gives the point to the local machine only when the local machine is the server. This does not happen when exactly same code is used in a client machine.

Why it links the killer with the server but it does not link the killer with the client?


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Use a script to create the explosion:

_Strike = "M_RPG32_AA_F" createVehicle Strike_Pos;

  1. Run it on server an client.
  1. Behaviour is different. Server will receive a point by killing a unit and client doing the same will not get any point.
Additional Information

I created a 100% working kill strike system but I have this little issue with the code. I can get around it... but it does not seem a normal behaviour for this engine... or setup like this is not very useful.

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I'm sorry!

It was my fault.

Dear moderator, please close this record, I found the issue (I missed a line where I add a point to the player)