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enableFatigue does nothing!
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It seems to make absolutely no difference if it is enabled or disabled, or maybe I'm doing something wrong?


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Open editor, copy paste

player enableFatigue false;

execute then sprint a sample distance, note when player starts slowing down.

start fresh, copy paste execute

player enableFatigue true;

player slows down in exact same spot.

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Seems working :(
step 1.:
Please write this to the debug console:

  • spawn {while{true} do {sleep 0.5; hint str getFatigue player}};

Press "Local Exec" button. In the right corner of the screen should start to appear some number, when you run / sprint, this should increase.

step 2:

Open the debug console again and write in
player enableFatigue false;

Press "Local Exec" button and see, that the number stopped changing and was set to zero.

Now sprinting/running does not affect this number and thus also the fatigue.

Do you observe the same?

Yes, the fancy numbers dont add up if it is disabled, but it in no way reflects in player behavior. I have pushed it to fatigue 1 and nothing happened. If this is just the way of getting a simple player fatigue level, why would you need to enable disable it? Also what does the fatigue do?

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It seems to me that there are two different fatigue simulations going on - first the basic one which slows you down (as in Arma2) and then an the extended one which uses the setFatigue/getFatigue value.

Yeah but it has to manifest itself somehow, right? What does the second fatigue do? Or maybe it is meant to work with the first one, would make sense.

Please let me explain:

There is only one fatigue, the number between 0 and 1 measured by getFatigue and setFatigue commands.

There are some systems, that turn on/off at certain levels of fatigue.

Example: With fatigue over 0.5, you are unable to sprint (if you hit sprint buttons - W+Shift - you run, not sprint). At level of fatigue equal to 1, there are certain effects we plan to place in game (currently still WIP). What you should see is a post process of a small blur, that fades away when fatigue drops down (you have to stay calm for that to happen). Also, your aiming imprecission is increased when fatigue is high, further you should hear heavier breathing, the animations are slower, etc.

If I understand it right, what you complain about is the strength of these effects, that is that you can hardly notice any difference. Am I right?

Edit: I realized that some of these effects need to turn on post processes. You can have them disabled in video options -> rendering.

No it is not the strength it is the lack of any effect. If I turn fatigue off, I still stop sprinting exactly where I stop with fatigue on. On or Off it makes no difference. It simply doesn't affect player, not little, not tiny winy bit, it does not do anything to the player, period.

I've just turned post processing to full and there is absolutely no difference in visuals with fatigue 0... 0.5 or ... 1. Nothing. Yes the player stops sprinting at 0.5 fatigue, but he still does it whether fatigue is on or off. What else can I check? Seems broken to me so far.

Just tested more. Basically if I want no fatigue I have to enable it, then keep resetting it to 0 at regular intervals, this way play can sprint forever. Seems pointless as enableFatigue false should be doing this, right?

Yes, <unit> enableFatigue false should do the reseting to zero. Are you using correct syntax? When you type 'player enableFatigue false', is it still calculating the fatigue?

If yes, than please specify which version are you running. Also which branch (stable or dev).

(You can press left ctrl+/ to get to clipboard information about version)

Is this shortcut meant to work in the main menu cos it ain't for me.

Yes I'm using the correct syntax. No "player enableFatigue false" does not calculate the fatigue. Seriously, how else can I explain it? The getFatigue returns 0 when enableFatigue false, however it DOES NOT CANCEL the fatigue. The only way to cancel it is to repeatedly setFatigue 0, even though enableFatigue is false.

Alpha (Dev) 0.55.104711

AhA! Finally I can see the same behavior. Yes, it has been reported. Thanks for noticing! Will be fixed soon.

repro (for future check):

  1. insert rifleman
  2. write in unit's initialization "this enableFatigue false"
  3. sprint in game -> you get tired after a while and start to run only

Type: Public Alpha
Branch: Development
Version: 0.57.105210

Fixed in this version.

Mass close.