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Cannot unload grenades from underbarrel grenade launchers
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I just noticed that it is currently impossible to unload a grenade from the underbarreled grenade launcher of weapons like the TRG21, MX 6.5 and KH2002.

It's a really minor issue, but it's just unlogical and thus should be fixed.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a rifle with grenade launcher
  2. Load a grenade into the launcher
  3. Try to get the grenade out without firing.

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Voted up, but I don't really see a tactical benefit of this implementation. It just seems like another keybind. This is a fairly simple feature though, and having it reviewed wouldn't hurt anybody.

If you want to change the weapon to another weapon with grenadelauncher, you loose one grenade (or flare, or smoke) of your magazines!

Good point, I hadn't thought of that. What would a suggested keybind be?

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Loki added a comment.May 8 2013, 10:38 AM

Weaponunload take place in the inventory. There an interfaceelement for the grenadelauncher isn't present. The launcher is also inextricably linked with the rifle. Not sure but it's practically possible to use a launcher as standalone. That will affect all combined weaponsystems.

Best would be to add a interfaceelement for attached weaponssystems.

Another way could be mousewheelclick to open an menu for advanced actions. (alt/ctrl/shift) + (rightclick) would be an alternate to rise up fast inventoryactions like unload weapon.

Hm its true.... but you can change grenage type in underbarrel launcher any time =)

I too believe that the implementation of an inventory based weapon manipulation system would be beneficial. It would also open the door for new modding opportunities.