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Suggest: mission designers "library" of frequentely used trigers and commands
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Almost every designer likes to use some sets of triggers or commands that are specific but takes time to create. On top of that they often need to be conected with not-in-game editing of .sqs files. I realize that it would be probably much to polish this to state where we can do whole mission editing in mission editor but some kind of "library" where we can save our sets of triggers and sets of commands would be useful. Until now we have to save some kind of template mission to store them and there is problems as they could not be two triggers of same name etc. So what I imagine is some simple tool where we can save set of triggers (like a set for air drop, set for bomb assassination etc.) and then copy paste them to mission when we need.


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Your suggest was reviewed and will be looked into.

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Solved by Eden Editor. Just put them into a custom composition.

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