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separate ammo and magclips/ammobelt as single independent objekts
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In Reality there is a difference between them. In the way, a full equipped futuristic arcade commando go into mission, that make not really sense. But there is and would be more out. War have more then one face and battlefields.

  • have an empty/half mag, fill it up
  • unload magazine, get a heap single rounds and a mag
  • unload belt, get a heap single rounds and a belt
  • fill mag individually half standard / last as tracer mix it / (in Reality you have no ui)
  • all have capacity and weight
  • many different ammotypes

It can give amount of options and also ammo types. Think about the rifles which differ only by the attachments. It is the same. To much Reality?

Brainstorm it (make it short, make it clear and don't care) {F19301} {F19302} {F19303}


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  • Revolver can loaded directly with single round or with speedloader.
  • Some assault rifles can speedloaded with an ammostrip while the empty mag is attachet into rifle through the ejection port or use the strip to fill the mag. With a single round through the ejection port or mag bay.
  • A box with 100 rounds use less capacity and have lower weight.
  • Sometimes weapons use same rounds but mags are not compatible. Would you throw the mag away?

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Interesting, but downvoted, unnecesary, and complicated

Downvoted. Many reasons:

  1. Most of the player won't take time to create their own clip/mag.
  2. Bohemia is not known for it's easy to use menus.
  3. THink about it you get on a server, take 20 minutes to create your mags and then go to battle?
  4. This, in real life, takes a LONG time. I mean REALLY LONG.
  5. If a team or group of players think they really need some differently arranged magazines, they can mod it easily to fit in the weapon they use with the special abilities that they choose.
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I think it's determined of the mission. You can't implement all features in one mission. A mission can be a story. Yes, it is not necessary to overdo such a system. In some missiontypes, like survival or stranded soldiers, it can give a creative component how to use rarely equipment. In another way you have some mags with 1 to 5 rounds and it would better to fill up one mag with these. That idea is not new.

Also I don't think that all gametypes based on standard equipped units which walk out to do there job. Over time that's a bit boring.

By the way, to fill up 10 mags a 30 rounds with an ammostrip takes seconds per strip. To clip manually 200 Rounds into a belt can be realy depressing.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

It's part of a comment I made for the issue "0006876: [Feature Request] Empty Magazines and refilling them"

If we had separate ammunition and magazine count, it would improve the game in the following manner:

  • after loading, the bullet in chamber (a separate entity, not a value associateg with a mag) would be "attached" to the gun, rather than a magazine, so it wouldn't be extracted along with magazine change
  • another function for chambered bullet extraction would be more feasible
  • the same for jams and clearing them
  • two methods of reloading, one with empty mag going back to the inventory and another with dropping it to the ground, would be easier to introduce
  • repacking of empty mags could be done manually in the inventory, instead of artificial time counters or automatic systems (by dragging bullets item onto empty magazine item, 1 drag = 1 bullet of that type added; bullets item would be either carried separately or "dragged out" of another mag)
  • repacking could include manually selecting magazine loadout with mixed ammunition (two different bullets items)
  • dropping an empty mag and forgeting to retrieve it, would have certain consequences, as all ammunition sources (ammo boxes, vehicles etc.) would have only ammunition within, not the mags; there is a reason, why it's an "ammo box" and not a "magazine box"
  • it could be possible to dismount automatic rifle belt and use the bullets to refill empty mags (by dragging the bullets out of the belt)
  • it would also support bolt action and pump action weapons better; even if they are obsolete in 2035, there will be mods with different time periods for sure (a single "reload" press would add only one bullet/shell to the internal magazine of the weapon; after each shot an empty bullet would be manually extracted with the same function, as "clear jam/extract from chamber")
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Also some weapons have more then one chamber. Could be a doublebarrel, a revolver, flarepistol or natelauncher. These types have no magazine, sometimes there are loadinghelper. These influences and differs the handling of each type. the system them self will not die. They all have abilities we found updated and combined in modern weapons, like grenadelauncher + assaultrifle.

2035 sounds to me like weapons we see in alien. Also i think that technology of conflicting parties is never equally.

I think the ability to handle ammunition is an important piece of the Simulation that is missing.

UP-VOTED because I want Ammunition Loadouts and Magazines addressed, But I don't want to support this particular solution.

I think it is valid, but consider a different approach, or solution.

Loki added a comment.May 9 2013, 1:38 AM
  • differ mag/beltsizes
  • clip beltparts together or out (clip out the empty parts/add full parts)
  • heap of bulls
  • a strip/clip of bulls/grenades
  • box with stripped bulls
  • loaderhelperkit - fasten fillup/deplete mags or belts
  • auxiliary barrel
  • hightechmags with ammovision (blink LED/beep when low of ammo)
  • transparent mags
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Voted up because i want to combine clips and different ammos.
Its annoying when you have like 2 clips with couple ammo in them and cannot combine them.

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Still, it would be so hard to get inside the engine that it would be instantly closed.

this is not receiver.