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unit removeItem/removeWeapon "NVGoggles" doesn't work!
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The command 'unit removeWeapon "NVGoggles"' doesn't work! It used to work in Arma 2. The removeitem doesn't work either... So I think it is a bug! It is currently not possible to remove the nvgoggles from a soldier. At least with the OPFOR normal rifleman. It doesn't work with 'removeallweapons' and 'removeallitems' neither.


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Open editor, insert an OPFOR soldier. In the init field, insert one of the command I spoke about (removeweapon or removeitem or removeallweapons or removeallitems). Preview and you can still use the NV Goggles...

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Note: if you add NVGoggles to a civilian, then you can take them back. It just doesn't work with an OPFOR soldier that has them by default.

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To remove "NVGoggles" you have to first unassign them from the character.

this UnassignItem "NVGoggles"; this RemoveItem "NVGoggles";


removeAllAssignedItems this;

Sure I know that this is a bad excuse and it shouldn't stay in the game this way, you should be able to remove "NVGoggles" with out first unassigning them. But it's a temporary fix and it works (in the latest DEV build).

At least this is working for me, tell me if it doesn't work for you and I'll see if there is another temporary fix for it that you could use.

Also check to see if you had the -RemoveAllItems this;- command working (without the dashes) just to make sure you had the scripting right.

You should also correct this title of this ticket saying that RemoveItem didn't work as "NVGoggles" aren't a weapon but an inventory item.

@Nicolii: Thanks! You're right! But I still think this might be a bug...

This code doesn't have any effect on dead bodies, thus you can't script removal of any of their assigned items: deadguy unassignItem "NVGoggles".

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Unable to reproduce in latest dev build.